Saturday, 21 January 2012

Nickelodeon USA Gives Viewers A First Look Sneak Peek At What's Coming Up In Brand New "iCarly" Episodes In 2012

Below is a streaming video of Nickelodeon USA's great brand new "First Look At Season Five Of iCarly In 2012" sneak peek special which Nickelodeon USA recently aired as part of Nick USA's "The Best Week On TV" programming stunt, in which Nickelodeon unveils to Nickelodeon viewers and fans of the hit Nickelodeon show "iCarly" what to expect in the brand new episodes of "iCarly" season five that Nickelodeon North America will premier in 2012, including the very first episode of iCarly to be filmed and shot in 3D ("iCarly 3D"), Freddie Benson getting tired of hiding behind the scenes and getting to go in front of the "iCarly" camera and host "iCarly" for the very first time in the brand new episode of "iCarly" called "iBalls", Sam Puckett's very first trip and visit to the "Fat Cake" factory and World Headquarters in the brand new episode of "iCarly" called "iToe Fat Cakes", and the biggest "iCarly" first of all - the First Lady of America, Michelle Obama, guest stars and joins the "iCarly" cast in a very special episode of "iCarly" called "iMeet the First Lady"!

Click on the play button below to watch Nickelodeon USA's exclusive first look preview of what's new and coming up in Nickelodeon's brand new episodes of "iCarly" in 2012 which are packed fill of firsts!

iCarly 2012 Promo

Promo for the New iCarly in 2012