Monday, 17 September 2012

Video Featuring Footage Of The Nickelodeon Pilot "Everyday Kid"

In 2010, Nickelodeon announced that they had given the greenlight to make two brand new comedy pilots called "Supah Ninja", which follows Mike Fukanaga (Ryan Potter), the main protagonist, and his friends, Owen Reynolds (Carlos Knight) and Amanda McKay (Gracie Dzienny), a group of high school students who also happen to be ninjas, and "Everyday Kid", about a boy who wakes up each morning with a different superpower, that could then potently become fully-fledged Nickelodeon television shows.

Whilst Nickelodeon picked up "Supah Ninja", which eventually got renamed "Supah Ninjas", to become a full television series, Nickelodeon decided not to pick up "Everyday Kid" to become a full multi-episode television show.

Although Nickelodeon has never shown "Everyday Kid", which was directed by Fred Savage ("The Wonder Years") on television, Mike Rosenbrock, who works for a small graphics boutique that specializes in quality broadcast design, show titles, 3D animation, and visual effects called Wicked Liquid FX, has posted a special online streaming video clip which features a reel that showcases some of the shots and special effects used in the pilot of "Everyday Kid", such as day and night house exterior shots, a electric surge effect, effects on stock footage, a Psyedelic dream sequence, smoke and bulge effects (tracked), a digital numbers being added to an alarm clock effect, early speed effect tests, super speed effect (with wire removal) and wire rig removel, which, although features no sound (audio), gives Nickelodeon fans and viewers a taste of what the show would of been like, which you can watch here on Vimeo!

Although not much more information is available about Nickelodeon's "Everyday Kid" pilot, according to the IMDb, the cast of "Everyday Kid" would have been:

Brandon Soo Hoo as Mike Oh
Brendan Meyer as Ryan
Evan Hofer as Tanner Conklin
Ajay Mehta as Vice Principal Manoj Gupta
Dalton O'Dell as Calvin
Javin Reid as Neeraj
Larry VanBuren Jr. as Grant
Dara Sisterhen Shelly
Brent Popolizio as Jobbins
Porter Smith as Porter
Malik Kirkwood Malik
Román Zaragoza Russell