Thursday, 15 December 2011

Video Featuring Nick Jr. UK And Ireland's Christmas 2011 On-Air Presentation

Below is a streaming video that features a few parts of Nick Jr. Channel UK and Ireland's Christmas on-air presentation, including a "Now On Nick Jr. - Olivia" Christmas-themed Nick Jr. bumper, a Nick Jr. promo (including Christmas themed Nick Jr. promo endboard) for "Dora's Christmas Carol", a "Now On Nick Jr. - Dora The Explorer" Christmas-themed Nick Jr. bumper, and a "Now On Nick Jr. - Poppy Cat" Christmas-themed Nick Jr. bumper, which Nick Junior UK and Ireland are using on-air as part of Nick Jr. UK and Ireland's "Christmas on Nick Jr. UK and Ireland 2011" on-air presentation.

Nick Junior UK - Christmas Continuity - 12.2011