Saturday, 31 December 2011

Videos Featuring Clips From Nickelodeon USA's "Nick New Year's" Specials From The 1990s

2011 is very nearly over, and 2012 is fast approaching and very nearly here, and to celebrate the brand new year, below are five Classic Nickelodeon videos featuring how Nickelodeon USA celebrated New Years in the past and counted down to midnight on New Years Eve to ring in the New Year in Nickelodeon style.

The first Classic Nickelodeon video below features Nickelodeon USA's "Nick New Year's '96" special, which Nickelodeon USA broadcast between 31st December 1995 and 1st January 1996 to ring in the New Year:

This is all of the host segments from Nick New Year's '96, which aired on Nickelodeon on December 31, 1995. I also included some classic Nick "New Year" bumpers, the "New Year" Nick Day commercial and a promo for the new year of SNICK.

Nick New Years '96 was hosted by Mike Maronna of The Adventures of Pete and Pete and Lori Beth Denberg of All That. The entire special was filmed live on location, in front of Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando Florida.

Now, here's the thing. I ran out of tape at the end of this video BUT.. I KNOW I have the rest of it somewhere on another tape. Unfortunately, I have no clue as to where it is. So, when I do find it, I'll post the rest of the host segments. Hopefully I have the ending when the Gak Geyser goes off, I don't remember if I do or not.
Below are four more Classic Nickelodeon videos which feature Nickelodeon USA's "Nickelodeon New Years 98" (also known as "Nick's New Year 98"), which Nickelodeon USA aired to celebrate the end 1997 on New Years Eve 1997 and the first brand new day of 1998 on New Years Day 1998, which was hosted live in a Nickelodeon studio by Nickelodeon Stars Amanda Bynes (from the classic Nickelodeon shows "All That" and "The Amanda Show"), Lori Beth Denberg (from the classic Nickelodeon shows "All That" and "Figure it Out" and the classic Nickelodeon Movie "Good Burger"), Danny Tamberelli (from the classic Nickelodeon shows "The Adventures of Pete & Pete", "All That" and "Figure it Out") and special Nickelodeon New Years Eve correspondents Stick Stickly (presenter of Nickelodeon USA's "Nick in the Afternoon" programming block) and Twiggy (or Twiggi) who presented "Nick New Years 98" live from beside Nickelodeon's famous Green Slime Geyser which was located in front of Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando, Florida, USA (also known as the Nickelodeon World Headquarters For Kids) which was located inside Universal Studios Florida who helped Nickelodeon viewers to count down to midnight January 1st 1998 to ring in the brand new year at which point the Nickelodeon Slime Geyser erupted and exploded with Nickelodeon's green slime to celebrate the arrival of 1998 (fourth video below, which also features kids celebrating the arrival of 1998 around Nickelodeon's Slime Geyser which is erupting at Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando, Florida, USA, and also includes the very first moments of "1998 on Nickelodeon", and Amanda Bynes, Lori Beth Denberg and Danny Tamberelli singing a very special version of Robert Burns' famous Scottish poem "Auld Lang Syne"). While counting down until midnight, "Nick New Years 98" Hosts Amanda Bynes, Lori Beth Denberg and Danny Tamberelli read out Nickelodeon viewers' New Year resolutions, showcased Nick viewers' drawings and letters, and answered Nickelodeon viewers questions back in the Nickelodeon studio. The Classic Nickelodeon streaming videos below also feature a few classic Nickelodeon "Happy New Year" Idents/station IDs and a few Classic Nickelodeon commercial breaks/advertisement breaks which include Classic Nickelodeon promos/trailers for Classic Nickelodeon shows such as "The Wonder Years" and "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters", and a Nickelodeon promo telling viewers that they could join in with Nickelodeon's New Years 1998 celebrations at the official Nickelodeon website,, or on America Online at AOL-Keyword: Nick, plus a look back at the highlights of the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 1997, including a bit of Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 1997 footage featuring Rosie O'Donnell, who was that years Kids Choice Awards host, getting slimed with Nickelodeon's signature green slime.