Saturday, 29 October 2011

"The Adventures of Pete & Pete - Halloween" Short

To celebrate Halloween On Nickelodeon, below is a video featuring the Halloween-themed short episode of "The Adventures of Pete & Pete". The "The Adventures of Pete & Pete - Halloween" short (Nickelodeon interstitial) was made and produced by Wellsville Pictures for Nickelodeon Productions in 1989, and features the Wellsville gang (Big Pete Wrigley (Mike Maronna), Little Pete Wrigley (Danny Tamberelli), Ellen Josephine Hickle (Alison Fanelli), and Artie, the Strongest Man in the World (Toby Huss)) getting revenge on Halloween Punpkin smasher and bully "Hat Head" (played by actor Chris Leveille).

"The Adventures of Pete & Pete" was a classic Nickelodeon TV show that was about two brothers called Pete (Big Pete Wrigley, played by actor Mike Maronna), and Pete (Little Pete Wrigley, played by actor Danny Tamberelli), their parents, Mom Joyce Wrigley (Judy Grafe) who had a metal plate in her head, and dad Don Wrigley (Hardy Rawls), their friends, including Ellen Josephine Hickle (Alison Fanelli), Artie, the Strongest Man in the World (Toby Huss) and Nona F. Mecklenberg (played by Nickelodeon Movie "Harriet The Spy" actress and star Michelle Trachtenberg), enemies, including "Endless" Mike Hellstrom (Rick Gomez) and Little Pete's School Principal Ken Schwinger (Adam West), and the other members of their neighborhood where they lived (Wellsville) (their neighbours), including James "Pop" Mecklenberg (Nona F. Mecklenberg's father) (Iggy Pop), and was set in the fictional North American town of Wellsville, USA. "The Adventures of Pete & Pete" featured humorous and surreal elements in its narrative, and many recurring themes centered on the two brothers both named Pete Wrigley, and their various interactions with family, friends, and enemies.

"The Adventures of Pete & Pete" began as minute-long shorts in 1989 that aired in between regular programmes on Nickelodeon. Owing to the popularity of the "Pete And Pete" shorts, five half-hour specials of "Pete And Pete" were made, followed by a regular half-hour series that ran for three seasons between 1993 and 1996, and was filmed largely in Cranford, New Jersey, USA. The "The Adventures of Pete & Pete" theme song that played during the opening titles of "Pete & Pete" was the song "Hey Sandy" by the band "Polaris".

The Nickelodeon Movie "Snow Day" was writen by Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi, the creators of the Nickelodeon TV show "The Adventures of Pete & Pete", and was originally intended to be a "The Adventures of Pete & Pete" movie.