Thursday, 27 October 2011

Two Spooky Episodes Of The Nickelodeon Short "The Presentators"

To celebrate Halloween On Nickelodeon, below are links to two spooky episodes from the Nickelodeon short series (Nickelodeon interstitial) called "The Presentators", which was a series of short stories about three plasticine (or clay) cartoon characters who are given the chance to be Nickelodeon presenters and present their very own Nickelodeon TV show on Nickelodeon and was made by the British (Bristol, UK) animation studio "Aardman Animations", who also made the Nickelodeon short "Purple & Brown", and were directed by Aardman Animations' Creative Director Stefan Marjoram. The first video features the "The Presentators" episode called "Spooky Story", which features the Presentators trying to tell Nickelodeon viewers a scary tale for Halloween, and the second video features the "The Presentators" episode titled "Aliens", and features the Presentators studio being overrun and overtaken by alien-clones of Presentator Dan:

The Presentators 'Spooky Story'

The Presentators: Aliens

Below is a description about the Nickelodeon short series "The Presentators" from Aardman's official "The Presentators" website on the official Aardman website:
The Presentators - Directed by Wee Brian, Dan Lane & Stefan Marjoram (2003-2004)

What happens when three anarchic cartoon characters are given the chance to front their own TV show on Nickelodeon? The Presentators provides the hilarious answers. Stefan, Brian and Dan, the heroes of Aardman’s award-winning short film The Deadline, confront burning issues of the day such as whether aliens walk among us and the difference between a stick insect and a plain stick. Created, written and voiced by three of the company’s CG animators (who uncannily also go by the names of Stefan, Brian and Dan), the series combines the technical possibilities of computer graphics with the quirky characters and comedy for which Aardman is renowned.