Monday, 31 October 2011

"Nickelodeon Presents Spooky Stories - York" - Nickelodeon UK Interstitial

Below is a high quality streaming video featuring an episode from the Nickelodeon UK "Nickelodeon Short"/"Nickelodeon Interstitial" series called "Nickelodeon Presents Spooky Stories", which was a series of scary shorts where young presenters/narrators told horror story's which were meant to be based on true facts to Nickelodeon UK viewers and used to be shown in between regular programmes on Nickelodeon UK and Ireland around Halloween On Nickelodeon UK and Ireland in 2006. "Nickelodeon Presents Spooky Stories" was a bit like a shorter version of the classic Nickelodeon show "Are You Afraid of the Dark?".

The "Nickelodeon Presents Spooky Stories" episode below is called "Nickelodeon Presents Spooky Stories - York" and is about the story of a plumber called Harry, who while working in an old cellar in York, UK, witnesses the sound of a ghostly horn, then the sight a ghostly legion of Roman soldiers and Horses marching through the cellar.

"Nickelodeon Presents Spooky Stories - York" was executive produced by YouTube member "pricey1969".