Thursday, 13 October 2011

Nickelodeon UK - "Jamie & Anna's Big Weekend" Opening Titles, Stings And Promo

Below are two high quality high-definition (HD) streaming videos featuring two different on-air elements from Nickelodeon UK's weekend morning programming block "Jamie & Anna's Big Weekend" (the "Jamie & Anna's Big Weekend" opening titles/intro and a few of Jamie & Anna's Big Weekend's opening stings), which was hosted by Nickelodeon UK presenters Jamie Rickers and Anna Williamson between October 2010 and 2nd January 2011.

The "Jamie & Anna's Big Weekend" opening titles/intro and stings were made by Sheffield creative studio agency "PIXEL DNA".

"Jamie & Anna's Big Weekend" Opening Titles

Jamie & Anna's Big Weekend - Title Sequence from Pixel DNA on Vimeo.

Pixel DNA has created the brand & title sequence for Nickelodeon’s new weekend show ‘Jamie & Anna’s BIG Weekend'.

The title sequence is combination of live action footage of the shows presenters, combined with Motion Graphics, which result in a fast paced journey where we follow the presenters making their way across a construction site, dodging slime and other falling obstacles!

Pixel DNA were tasked with designing all of the shows design elements from the logo and the title sequence through to all of the shows graphical content and promotional materials.

"Jamie & Anna's Big Weekend" Opening Stings

Big Weekend Stings - Nickelodeon from Pixel DNA on Vimeo.

A range of different Motion Graphics Stings created as intro’s to games played on the show. Each game was given it’s own look and feel, and each sting was created to reflect the nature of the game it was representing. Logo designs were also designed for each game, and Hi-Resolution artwork was created for use on large scale prints to be displayed in [Nickelodeon UK's] studio.

You can also view Nickelodeon UK's "Jamie & Anna's Big Weekend" trailer which Nickelodeon UK and Ireland used to promote their "Jamie & Anna's Big Weekend" morning block here - NICKELODEON / Big Weekend Promo (2010). Nickelodeon UK's "Jamie & Anna's Big Weekend" trailer was created by East London design and animation studio "Versus".

Also, from modern marketing and media news website The Drum:
Pixel DNA has designs on Nickelodeon's Big Weekend

Sheffield agency Pixel DNA has created the brand and title sequence for new Nickelodeon show 'Jamie & Anna's Big Weekend'.

The Sheffield agency was tasked with creating all of the show's design elements including graphical content and promotional materials.

Marc Tingle, Creative Director at Pixel DNA says: “Being a brand new show, it has been a fantastic opportunity for us to be involved from day one, and be responsible for creating all of the creative and visual elements for the show's look and feel.”

Also, from the official website of music composer David Arnold, who composed the "Jamie & Anna's Big Weekend" theme tune for Nickelodeon UK:
‘Jamie & Anna’s Big Weekend’ Theme for Nickelodeon

The theme tune for Nickelodeon’s new Saturday morning show Jamie & Anna’s Big Weekend was written, recorded, arranged and produced entirely in-house by David Arnold Music. The brief called for a “Big Show style and credentials”, and required that it should
“…incorporate a big band, showbiz sound (“Live From London”) and be recorded with real instrumentation including live drums, guitars, saxes and brass”

This gave the team a great opportunity to flex their creative muscles – with stunning results, as you can hear. So slick is the final result that one industry insider commented that when he heard it he wondered if the job had gone to an American production company, saying “it sounds as if it was recorded in Hollywood”!